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Victoria Coach Station - 90 Years

Victoria Coach Station - 90 Years

SKU: 22001

This commemorative book “90 Years of Victoria Coach Station” looks at the coach station development and operational hisotry, drawing in part on the London Coastal Coaches collection held by the Bus Archive.  In addition, the express services between the Thames Valley and VCS are documented based on new research.  'Wheels to the West' give a focus on vehicles serving the West Country.  Readers are transported back to see life at VCS at different points through the last 90 years – a busy summer’s day in 1962 and the rail strike of 1982 are examples, with pictures of coaches serving the whole country.

Published by the Trust in 2022, the book is B5 format (between A4 and A5), 96 pages, soft bound and includes 160 illustrations, over 100 in colour.

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