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About Us

About the Trust

Buses and coaches have connected people and places for decades.

They carry memories and ideas for sustainable transport today.

This is heritage that moves and excites new interest.  It is cared for by practical hands, and explained by fascinating items and pictures in the museum and archive.

The Thames Valley & Great Western Omnibus Trust looks along the corridor tracked by the

Great Western Railway - Paddington to Penzance - exploring how these famous companies and their successors have helped shape communities and continue to influence our public transport today.

As a charity our remit is education but there's no better way to learn than by experiencing bygone travel. Our collection of roadworthy buses and coaches gives just such opportunities,

enhanced by photographs, uniforms and memorabilia from the archive.

Supporters get involved at our bases in East Berkshire and South Devon maintaining the collection and undertaking amazing bus restorations, ensuring practical skills are kept alive and passed on.

We bring the collection out across the region for everyone to enjoy - we put on our own vintage bus days giving free rides and join in other events so you can come on board for a chat and a closer look.

You can become a Supporter online and enjoy our quality magazine or see us at an event near you -

we'd love to hear what fascinates you most about the buses, and the people and places they've  served.

Keeping old buses alive takes bus loads of skill and dedication

Our Mission

Our Vision

To preserve and treasure

our Thames Valley & Great Western bus heritage,

connecting people, places and the past,

bringing joy and understanding of

where we have been and where we are going today

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Our Strategy Goals

  • To share our collection treasures

- expand access to vehicles, archives & memorabilia

  • To realise our audience potential

- broaden the range of people enjoying their heritage

  • To expand our income streams

- secure different sources of funding

  • To reinforce our resilience

- strengthen governance and organisational structure

  • To protect our interests

- monitor and influence external threats and change

Thank you for your Support today...

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