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Just out from the (TV&GWOT) Works….









From cover to cover TV&GWOT Supporters are being indulged with another exclusive array of articles to suit a range of interests.  40 years after the closure of Bristol Commercial Vehicles, fascinating insight is shared from the Works, inside and out.  To and fro’s covers mirror this.  On the front Olympian 1814, the final chassis to leave the Works, is in action with TV&GWOT.  On the back, the H 137, one of the oldest remaining Bristol buses, is giving free passenger rides in Kingsbridge for a TV&GWOT vintage bus day.

Through the pages of To and fro’, follow the road west from London by coach over the decades or visit Tavistock to see the changes since the depot closed 50 years ago.

TV&GWOT also pays tribute to the late Michael Plunkett whose endeavours ensure the Thames Valley Traction Co. heritage survives long into the future.

Click here to find out more.
Kingsbridge, Saturday 16 September – Plan your day….

With so many vintage buses and coaches on coast and country routes to choose from, you’ll want a programme to plan your Kingsbridge day. Click here for more details.

The souvenir programme runs to 52 pages including feature articles on the centenary of Tally Ho! origins, the changing shape of the bus station, and the impact of the Brent branchline closure 60 years ago…..and of course essential timetables, vehicle details and duty charts.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the local services and refreshments on offer so take time to enjoy these on the day and at your leisure.

Don’t miss out – make plans now to bring friends and family to the Quay in Kingsbridge for a 10am start on 16 September….there’s a great day out in store.

Vintage buses and coaches will soon be back in Kingsbridge taking local people and visitors on free trips to outlying coast and country villages. 

You are very welcome to enter your own bus or join us as a passenger for a great day out. 

With a network of alternative routes and variety of buses and coaches to chose from, you’ll want to have a souvenir programme in advance to plan your day.  Click here for more details.

We are excited to have buses and coaches making their first Kingsbridge appearance, so a treat for photographers too.

Don’t miss out – make plans now to be on the Quay in Kingsbridge for a 10am start on 16 September….

Get on board: Service 23 has arrived!




TV&GWOT Supporters’ Facebook group Service 23, at barely three months old, is thriving.  Fascinating photos, old and new, are being shared eliciting amazing depths of knowledge with a dose of humour for good measure.   It's a place for chat and planning, photo sharing and behind the scenes footage from our workshops and events.

As a Supporter you can join the group now.

Not yet a Supporter? Sign up here and take advantage of our new special offer.

Bag a bargain bus book bundle

A 20% reduction in the combined purchase price of TV&GWOT’s latest VCS90 and TVTCo. Centenary+2 publications on offer. 

These highly acclaimed publications offer fascinating insight, previously unseen period photographs and the fruits of new research.

VCS has brought together coaches from across Britain throughout the decades as reflected in the lavish illustrations.  There is a piece on the evolution of TV express services A & B.

TV’s centenary commemoration charts the origins and history in terms of the fleet and route developments.

Purchased individually (£18 / £6) or in this bargain bundle (£19 inc p&p) there is much of interest – click here for details.    

Royal Blue Run – West Country Delights 16-18 June


The annual spectacle of Royal Blue and Associated Motorways long distance coaches returns to the West Country from 16 to 18 June 2023.  Some 17 preserved coaches dating from 1947 to 2000, will travel original Royal Blue express service routes for bystanders and enthusiasts to enjoy.

Details of the participating coaches, the routes and indicative timings are available here so you can plan your vantage point.

The usual live coverage will be on Facebook with supplementary realtime location/operational updates on Twitter (@HeritageBuses) for those hoping to see the coaches in person.

A Coronation Year Travel Souvenir


As King Charles is crowned, we look back 70 years in the TV&GWOT archives to this Coronation Year Travel Souvenir issued with the compliments of The Western and Southern National Omnibus Companies Ltd and Royal Blue Express Services.

As Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne, a Royal Blue LS (like that preserved in the TV&GWOT Collection) was the modern luxury coach.

Find out more.

Image of the 1953 Souvenir leaflet from the TV&GWOT archive.
CANCELLED – Didcot Festival of Heritage Transport


With regret, TV&GWOT and the GWSoc, have had to cancel the event as intensive rail replacement services now prevent the operation of our proposed vintage bus services from the interchange at Didcot Station.  This is due to emergency work to shore up a railway bridge over the Thames, now expected to disrupt Oxford rail services until at least June.  Read more.

14 May – South Midland/Thames Valley Road Run

© Len Wright

On 14 May a circular road run, will mark 60 years since the prototype BRISTOL RELH / ECW coach went into service with Thames Valley coaching subsidiary South Midland of Oxford.

The route will cover the central sections of the two South Midland Oxford -London routes operated by RELH 521ABL for much of the 1960s.  It will extend to Oxford in the west and north and Uxbridge and Slough to the east and south.

Find out more about the vehicles taking part, the route, timings and Souvenir Programme.

NEW - 14 May – South Midland/Thames Valley Road Run


A new event on 14 May, a circular road run, will mark 60 years since the prototype BRISTOL RELH / ECW coach went into service with Thames Valley coaching subsidiary South Midland of Oxford.

The route will cover the central sections of the two South Midland Oxford -London routes operated by RELH 521ABL for much of the 1960s.  It will extend to Oxford in the west and north and Uxbridge and Slough to the east and south.

Find out more.

Image of the 1963 SOUTH MIDLAND timetable leaflet from the TV&GWOT archive.
Are you ready for 16 April and the Penzance Vintage Bus Day?

Souvenir programmes are available NOW – a bumper 48-page edition.

Programmes contain all the information you need to plan your day including vehicle details, timetables and news of new destinations like Helston to celebrate 120 years since Great Western Road Motors inaugurated the Lizard service. A feature article describes the history and the story is brought up to date with the ‘rail-link’ services of today. There’s a spotlight on former Truronian Dart ‘TT03’, newly restored and debuting back in original livery on 16th April.

With a record number of entries and free rides on vehicles from older half cabs to VR double decks and more modern special Darts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about the event and order your programme here.

The programme cover design is based on the Cornwall area timetable from 70 years ago – Coronation year 1953!

Supporters – A great deal

Our magazine To and fro’ 031 has spread SUL-tide joy as well as a great deal to interest Supporters.  Articles cover twinned SUs, a tale of nurturing youthful bus interests with lifetime effect, the logistics of VR operations via the Torpoint ferry, early hybrid power for TV buses, and a timely perusal of Royal Blue holiday brochures.  Fancy a look?

There’s a great deal too for new or returning Supporters - find out more

You can see what else can be found in this and past editions of To and fro’ here - some are available to purchase.

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Supporters enjoy golden moments

You may have noticed that Supporter friends have been rather quiet recently.  The answer probably lies in the latest edition of TV&GWOT magazine To and fro’ 030 which Supporters are enjoying in their homes across the country.

What with “full frontal delights” at Kingsbridge (an LL6B), a Route & Branch exposé of Thames Valley tree loppers, catching up with Old (VRT) Friends, exploring a ‘Link’ between Bournemouth and Birmingham, remembering Southern National’s Alexander interlude, and marvelling at the Thames Valley anniversaries encountered through 2022, they have been well and truly engrossed.  See what can be found in this past editions here or become a Supporter and get To and fro’ 030 by return.

Victoria Coach Station at 90 – Grand Finale - 24 September
  Coaches from across England, Scotland and Wales will converge on Victoria Coach Station on Saturday 24 September for a grand finale to the VCS 90 celebrations. The coach station is the constant against which the design and scale of coaches has been transformed. Come along to see the changing static display transporting you to different decades in the coach station history. Find out more here.
A new lavishly illustrated book by TV&GWOT on the coach station history, significance and regional links is available.
VCS90 - New limited edition book by TV&GWOT available now
2022 was the 90th anniversary of the Grand Opening of Victoria Coach Station. VCS has been a vital hub for services from the West Country (Wheels to the West) and the Thames Valley (including the famous A / B services) ever since. Seen as an enabler for post-war travel and a vital service in times of rail strikes, underlines the power of the early 1930s’ vision for a fully serviced coach station which remarkably serves public needs 90 years on. New research and newly published photographs make TV&GWOT’s new book a fascinating read from many perspectives. Order your copy here.
Remembering the Queen at Kingsbridge 17th September

© Joyce Jefford

We have been deeply saddened by the death of Her Majesty The Queen.
As the late Queen returned to Buckingham Palace one final time this week, we remembered a happier occasion in 1998, when Trust Chairman's 1934 Dennis Mace No.668 (BTA 59) participated in a Save the Children event at the Palace.
We hope the Royal Family would support our decision to go ahead with the Kingsbridge bus running day on Saturday 17th given the benefit this event brings to charities, the local community, and visitors.
In this time of national mourning, it is suggested crews might wear black armbands as a mark of respect.
The running day will see buses in service dating from 1933 to 2022 almost spanning the late Queen’s life and offering a tribute to the transport and social history witnessed through her long reign.
Kingsbridge Vintage Bus Running Day - 17 September

© Helen Billington

Kingsbridge and the South Hams are revving up for a busy vintage bus running day on Saturday 17 September with a new mix of vehicles serving the town with free rides to the coast and into the countryside. Do join us for a great day out – click here for the latest information and for details of how to obtain your programme so you can plan your day.  In 2022 the programme’s heritage focus turns from the Bristol SU@60 to the vehicles operated by Tally Ho over the decades, particularly those marques that will revisit the roads of the South Hams on the 17th – an opportunity to share your memories.
TVTCo. Centenary +2 - New limited edition booklet by TV&GWOT available now

2022 was the first opportunity post-Covid for TV&GWOT Supporters to celebrate the 2020 centenary of the formation of The Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd. Running day plans were thwarted but a Supporters’ tour of former depots using the Trust’s TV fleet, combined with archive records contrasted ‘then’ and now’. Noted TVTCo. historian Paul Lacey has documented the operations in 1920 then charted the evolution of routes month by month through to 1971. All this is captured in a short-run booklet, available exclusively from TV&GWOT while stocks last – click here.
Supporters’ Summer Magazine and Tour

The latest bumper edition of TV&GWOT Supporters’ magazine To and Fro’ is dropping through letterboxes around the country.  The Supporters’ ‘year’ runs from June to May so now is a great time to subscribe and receive your own copy.

On Sunday 10 July there is a bus tour for Supporters around former Thames Valley depots to recreate the scene set in train by the formation of Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd on 10 July 1920.



17 June 2022 - LS 1286 passes LL 1250 outside the Kings Arms Stokenchurch, once the refreshment stop for Royal Blue coach services. © Colin Billington

Cameras were out for the 2022 Royal Blue & Associated Motorways Run, which began celebrating VCS90 with a mass departure from Victoria Coach Station on Friday 17th.   The run also marked 50 years since white National coaches emerged on the coaching scene by passing Birmingham (Digbeth) on Saturday 18th. Salisbury coach station was the traditional departure point for the final leg on Sunday 19th. Some 16 vintage coaches joined for some of all the authentic routes across the coaching network throughout the weekend. Click here for an outline of the route and to find out more.


Around Didcot on Great Western Road Motors routes

Vintage buses & coaches, classic cars and heritage trains made for a great day out at the TV&GWOT/Great Western Society Transport Rally at Didcot on 22nd May.  TV&GWOT’s Thames Valley based bus fleet was out in force showcasing the major restorations completed recently thanks to Trust Supporters.  A few copies of the souvenir programme are still available with an article illustrating the early GWR Road Motors fleet and links to Thames Valley, the National etc and thus TV&GWOT’s scope. Find out more

Cornwall at Easter for the Penzance Running Day

Locals, enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike enjoyed the TV&GWOT & CBPS VR Revival and Vintage Bus Running Day on 17th April. Souvenir programmes (with a cover based on the 1992 timetable from 30 years ago) are still available. Read about the CBPS restoration of the oldest remaining Bedford YRQ into Grenville guise; marvel at the local bus transport heritage captured in postcard images in the TV&GWOT feature article; and hum along to The Modern Cornish Bus Driver’s Song contributed by Gray Lightfoot. Find out more

Victoria Coach Station celebrates 90 Years

On 10 March 2022, 90 years to the day after the Grand Opening of Victoria Coach Station, TV&GWOT helped Transport for London mark this significant anniversary.  Royal Blue Bristol LL6B was joined by Maidstone & District AEC Reliance and East Kent Leyland Beadle, providing the backdrop to the official celebration.  A programme of events through 2022 will celebrate the people and vehicles at the heart of coach station operations in the past, present and future.  For more information about what’s on and how to get involved see here.

A busy TV&GWOT year beckons…… Entries now open…

Kicking off with Open Days for registered Supporters in March, TV&GWOT then joins CBPS in Penzance for the VR Revival and vintage bus running day on Sunday 17 April.

On 22 May we join forces with the Great Western Society to run buses on former Great Western Road Motors routes around Didcot

As part of the VCS 90th anniversary, the 3-day Royal Blue Run will depart from Victoria early on Friday 17 June.

The weekend of 9/10 July will belatedly mark the founding of Thames Valley Traction Co. in Maidenhead in 1920.

On Saturday 17 September, the Kingsbridge 7’6” vintage bus running day will return to the South Hams.

Find details and entry forms here


Puzzle time – have yourself some fun

Throughout 2021 TV&GWOT has been restoring Thames Valley LL 556.

Why not have some fun and have a go at piecing 556 together yourself? Click here

Supporters will be putting the final pieces of the real 556 jigsaw together in early 2022 – your support for our final push  appeal will enable the completed 556 to appear at events through the year.


Diamond SUs seemingly run forever

Just like in the 1960s, the (former) Western National depot in Kingsbridge was the backdrop for SUs of all shapes and sizes on 18 September 2021. Marking 60+1 years since Bristol first manufactured the SU, coach and bus variants, long and short, carried passengers around the South Hams demonstrating their physical (7’6” wide) and mechanical (gearing) suitability. Authoritative articles by SU aficionado David Sheppard in the running day programme and Supporters’ magazine To and fro’ 026 give technical insight and a richly illustrated record of SU operations in the West Country and Thames Valley.
© David Sheppard
Celebrating the introduction (!) of integrated transport
Before the Kingsbridge Running Day got underway on 18 September, TV&GWOT’s museum hosted Anthony Mangnall MP, Kingsbridge and Salcombe Councillors, Tally Ho Coaches’ MD Don McIntosh and colleagues, together with Devon Country Councillors and officials from GWR, to inaugurate their new through bus service numbered 164: Totnes-Kingsbridge-Salcombe. Service timings and frequency now make ‘days out’ connections to the national network practicable. Formative services on the route over the preceding century and more are chronicled in the running day programme.
© Colin Billington
Restoration gathers momentum
Despite the constraints of the pandemic, TV&GWOT Supporters have pulled together to fund the acquisition and transformational restoration of 1950 Thames Valley LL 556 (FMO938). Government restrictions twice delayed our celebration of the centenary of Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd’s formation but gave time to bring the internal refurbishment to original configuration within scope. The ‘Final Push’ appeal target is within reach and having returned 556 to Trust workshops (via Princes Risborough), Supporter working groups are refurbishing and fitting seat frames anticipating the first ride out. Find out more about this Final Push and support you can give.
© Colin Billington
TV&GWOT firing on all cylinders – in the archives too
TV&GWOT events, restoration working groups, and archive days are all back up and running with appropriate Covid-safe precautions. Archive teams meet monthly in Devon and every three weeks in Berkshire. TV&GWOT has been grateful to receive donations from collectors and the estates of notable photographers and researchers giving plenty of interest for archive teams to explore and record. This recently acquired map shows trolleybus proposals for Paignton and is stamped for return to the Chief Engineer, GWR, Paddington.
We are always eager to hear from people with enthusiasm or expertise wanting to get involved.
VCS90 – 24 July coach running day – come for a ride!
Coaches, young and old, will be giving passenger trips between VCS and Hammersmith from 9:30 until 16:30 on Sunday 24 July with RM and RT buses taking visitors between VCS and Aldwych for the London Transport Museum.  TV&GWOT is coordinating vintage coaches for the VCS-Hammersmith route via the Embankment.  Click here for the latest schedule information.


Thames Valley buses in Bridge Avenue for the TV&GWOT event in 2015. © Mike Sutcliffe

With regret, the vintage bus running day planned for Maidenhead on Saturday 9 July (see here) has been CANCELLED.  TV&GWOT is sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience that may result. Pre-ordered running day programmes are being reimbursed in full.

The Supporters’ Tour of former Thames Valley sites on Sunday 10 July is GOING AHEAD.  Supporters are being contacted directly.


To Cornwall for Easter and the Penzance Running Day

Will you be joining TV&GWOT and CBPS for the VR Revival and Vintage Bus Running Day on 17th April?  Programmes (with a cover based on the 1992 timetable from 30 years ago) are available NOW so you can plan trips from 19 routes and 32 buses & coaches.  Read about a Bedford YRQ restoration to Grenville guise and enjoy the poetry of the Modern Cornish Bus Driver’s Song. The feature article uses postcards to illuminate the changing bus scene – Wish you were here?!

Find out more

A special gift

Looking for a gift for someone who loves vintage buses or why not treat yourself?

Click here for a special offer!

It’s a gift that will keep on giving into 2022 or even 2023!


Green light for Kingsbridge on 18 September

Preparations for the Kingsbridge Mini Running Day on Saturday 18 September are at full tilt. The narrow Bristol SUs - introduced in 1960 and once stalwarts of the Kingsbridge fleet – will be on display.  Routes will sample the new 164 Totnes – Kingsbridge – Salcombe GWR/Tally Ho service – progress, with a touch of history repeating. See what’s attending, check out Totnes feeder services, and buy your programme here.


556 – The Final Push

Supporters enjoying the latest (bumper) edition of TV&GWOT’s magazine To and fro’ are reading about the tremendous progress restoring TV LL 556 (FMO938) to its former glory.  A Final Push Appeal has been launched to reinstate the original early 1950s-style seat frames and upholstery to complete the authentic Thames Valley experience for future passengers. 


Marking the TVTCo. Centenary(+1) July 2021

A curious but significant location….  The Thames Valley Traction Company, established on 10 July 1920, based its initial HQ alongside its depot in central Maidenhead - the site is now occupied by Waitrose.  Covid regulations precluded the large event planned for 11 July this year so instead our Thames Valley Bristol K 446 made a symbolic excursion in tribute to the heritage TV&GWOT celebrates.

Extended restrictions preclude TVT Co. Centenary+1 event

With outdoor gatherings still limited to 30 people, TV&GWOT cannot legally proceed with the running day celebration planned for 11 July. It is also clear that a road run cannot fairly satisfy the level of interest while private vehicles (as Trust and volunteers’ buses are classed) are restricted to 6 people. The Trust shares and regrets the disappointment and any inconvenience.


Royal Blue Run 18-21 June 2021

Some 20 coaches joined the Royal Blue Run 2021 to mark the centenary (+1) of the registration of NOTC and 140 (+1) years from the origins of Royal Blue.  Despite horrendous weather, parties limited to 6, accommodation restrictions, and an epic 750 mile route, the vehicles and their crews triumphed – testament to the owners’ care and commitment. Read more about the event here and watch coverage on our Facebook page.

#Busflyby – Penzance and Counting

Driver in uniform by bus wearing a facemask

We counted them out and we counted them back… the 22 local buses & coaches participating in the CBPS/TV&GWOT Penzance & West Cornwall Vintage #Busflyby on Sunday 18 April.  Buses ranged in age from 15 to 70 years and represented a range of local and more distant fleets. 

Scheduling ensured buses passed through Helston, Penzance, Hayle, St Just and Marazion at 15 minute intervals creating a spectacle for locals and those watching online.

Vehicles were immaculately turned out and crews adhered to Covid restrictions and social distancing, showcasing just what can be achieved.  We were sorry not to be able to carry passengers but hope the third Sunday in April 2022 (17th) will bring that opportunity once again.

The event may have passed but the atmosphere can still be enjoyed by watching the videos on Facebook with some additional images on the event page

#Busflyby – Penzance Countdown continues

We're counting down to our Penzance Vintage #Busflyby next Sunday 18 April, when more than 20 locally-based vintage buses will be on the roads of West Cornwall. Although we cannot carry passengers, we hope the buses will make a fine sight for local people to capture and share with the world using #Busflyby.

Buses can be seen at 15 minute intervals passing through Helston, Penzance, Hayle, St Just and Marazion. We expect to bring some live footage to our Facebook page for those following online, as well as photos and video highlights.

Further details including vehicles, routes and timetables can be found here. Further updates will appear on our Facebook page.



Penzance & West Cornwall Vintage #busflyby 2021

Although it will not be possible to stage our usual Penzance Running Day in April, we are pleased to announce plans for a one-off Penzance & West Cornwall Vintage Bus Flyby on Sunday 18 April 2021. We hope this socially-distanced run for locally-based vintage buses and coaches will bring some well-deserved smiles to the people of West Cornwall as they pass by. With overnight hotel/B&B stays not possible and travel discouraged, we hope others will enjoy following the run from their homes, both via our Facebook page and by following the hashtag #busflyby. For the safety of all, we regret that passengers will not be carried by vehicles at this event.

Is Service-19 coming your way?

Supporters have just received some relief from lockdown in the form of an 8th edition of their ad-hoc Newsletter, keeping in touch while normal activities are curtailed.  This is 22 pages of conversation with memories, interesting pictures and conundrum shared and commented on.  Why not become a Supporter and see what’s going on.  The exclusive newsletter is in addition to the flagship To and fro’ magazine.

Why relief?  Well, the logistics of relief services on the Royal Blue / Southdown / East Kent South Coast service Bournemouth-Margate are revealed in Service-19.

Rescued from lockdown

TV&GWOT is delighted to announce that, after a lockdown of more than 50 years, Royal Blue 1264 (LTA 893) has joined the Trust's Collection.

Watch our (socially distanced) Supporters in action completing 1264's rescue from a field near Sidmouth, where it had been parked since 1969. Facebook link

The full story of rescue and recovery is told in the Autumn edition of TV&GWOT Supporters' magazine To and fro'. If you'd like to find out more, support us in bringing these vehicles back to life, or get involved yourself, join us now.

TV&GWOT is grateful to The Oxford Bus Museum for this 'opportunity'!


Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd Centenary+1







It was on 10 July 1920 that the Thames Valley Traction Company Ltd was registered. Its legacy is celebrated 100 years on, particularly by TV&GWOT. The Centenary event planned for 2020 couldn’t go ahead but planning for a Centenary+1 occasion on 11 July 2021 is underway.
TV 556, the Bristol LL (FMO938), was acquired by TV&GWOT in 2020 and, like Tilling-Stevens 152 and Bristol K 446, now has a secure long-term future taking the TVTCo. heritage into its second century with style.
A significant restoration is well advanced thanks to generous donations but further funds are needed. There is a window of opportunity, with your help, to ensure 556 takes pride of place at TVTCo. Centenary+1, in July. Find out more


Virtual Bus Running Day

Enjoy the sights and sounds of a running day with a difference from the comfort of your home. Join us on Facebook to enjoy a virtual TV&GWOT Running Day, featuring rides on board ten of our regular performers, filmed during happier times. They will return.

Reading 100 celebrated in style

TV&GWOT’s celebration of the Reading Motorbus centenary on 6/8 December 2019 was a great success see more.

The Trust’s new book “100 years of Reading Motorbuses” was very well received.  It presents new material charting the development of the Reading routes and fleet decade by decade from the first Tilehurst to Caversham Heights venture.  Copies of the book can be purchased exclusively from TV&GWOT. Find out more.



Royal Blue Run 18-21 June 2021

Where we left off – coaches at the end of the RB Run 2019

© Peter Delaney

The news many have been waiting for – the Royal Blue run is set to go ahead on midsummer weekend 2021.  With important anniversaries from 2020 in focus (Royal Blue 140 years and 100 years for the National Omnibus & Transport Co.), the route takes in important historic locations and principal operating hubs such as Chelmsford, Bournemouth, Newquay and Stroud.  Specific roads and approximate timings are now available.

Find out more


Thames Valley Traction Co. Ltd Centenary

It was on 10 July 1920 that the Thames Valley Traction Company Limited was registered. Its legacy is celebrated 100 years on, particularly by TV&GWOT. Sadly the Centenary event planned for 12 July cannot go ahead but planning and preparations for a Centenary+1 occasion on 11 July 2021 are underway.
A 100th birthday surprise is the announcement that TV 556, the Bristol LL (FMO938), is now owned by TV&GWOT. 556, like Tilling-Stevens 152 and Bristol K 446, now has a secure future and long-term basis for preservation and use, taking the TVTCo. heritage into its second century with style.
Acquisition has been made possible by Supporter donations in response to an appeal which is now seeking further funds for an extensive restoration.
There is a window of opportunity, with your help, to restore 556 for it to take pride of place at TVTCo. Centenary+1, 12 months from now. Find out more

(C) Chris Drew







IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kingsbridge Running Day Cancelled

With regret TV&GWOT’s ever-popular Kingsbridge vintage bus running day planned for 19 September 2020 is cancelled. It is always a day of fun and fundraising that we are disappointed to miss but TV&GWOT has to act responsibly. We must play our part to maintain social distancing and protect everyone’s health.
In place of the physical gathering an alternative form of event is being planned…….
Please check this website regularly for updates and visit our Facebook page for announcements

Supporter Benefits

TV&GWOT Supporters are enjoying special ad hoc Newsletters, Service-19, prepared to interest, entertain and help fellow Supporters through lock-down. With the latest edition running to 20 pages, each is filled with illustrated memories, interesting objects, mysteries etc. To and fro’ TV&GWOT’s flagship magazine also continues to be produced as normal.
The Supporter’s year runs from May 2020 to June 2021 so why not join us now and share in TV&GWOT’s benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Events Cancelled

TV&GWOT Trustees have taken the difficult decision to cancel further events: the Royal Blue Run in June and the Thames Valley Traction Co. centenary event in Reading in early July. We share the disappointment but it is important to heed advice and ensure we can go on to enjoy events in 2021. The NOTC, Royal Blue, and Thames Valley Traction Co. milestones will be marked then.
Please check this website regularly for updates on our later 2020 events, and visit our Facebook page for announcements

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Penzance Running Day Cancelled

We have taken the very difficult decision to cancel our 2020 Penzance Running Day, scheduled for 19 April. Along with our event partners at the Cornwall Bus Preservation Society, we have been closely following developments with the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19, in particular, the UK Government's advice on mass gatherings and events, and do not feel it is appropriate to go ahead with the event given the current situation. We regret the disappointment this will cause, but feel sure you will understand our decision.

Please check this website regularly for updates on our other 2020 events, and visit our Facebook page for regular announcements.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: South Devon SU Tour Postponed

With regret, but in light of the Government’s latest COVID-19 advice, we have to postpone the South Devon SU Tour planned for 29 March.  Many weeks of work have been put into the preparations by a number of Supporters so we are confident it will be an excellent trip once a new date can be confirmed.

Please check this website regularly for updates and visit our Facebook page for announcements.

South Devon SU Tour - 29 March

2020 will feature several trips and socials for TV&GWOT Supporters, beginning with a South Devon Tour by Bristol SU on Sunday 29 March. We'd be delighted to welcome new joiners who would like to come along, but hurry - we have a limited number of spaces left! Visit our Supporters page to sign-up, taking advantage of our special Spring offer. 

The Road Ahead in 2020
TV&GWOT is pleased to announce its programme for you to enjoy in 2020.  We have a mix of traditional favourites and special events to mark the significant anniversaries from our transport heritage (namely the centenaries of the National Omnibus & Transport Co. and Thames Valley Traction Co.).  Details are opposite and will follow via the Events page.

Penzance 19 April – the season’s opener

The Cornwall Bus Preservation Society (CBPS) and TV&GWOT are working together to bring you our annual VR Revival and Vintage Bus Running Day. Centred on Penzance, it offers free vintage bus rides across the stunning West Cornwall Peninsula.  There will be new routes and new buses including the first appearances of recently restored local vehicles.  The latest information, including vehicle entry forms and programme information can be found here. Photo © Richard Kemble

21 September 2019 – 7’6” vintage buses serve the South Hams

Kingsbridge has been a market town for 800 years and the hub of bus services to Dartmouth for 100 years and Salcombe for 110 years. Known for the rolling hills, narrow lanes and stunning seascapes, the location is a favourite with passengers and crews alike. The running day saw 45 vintage buses & coaches operating.  The souvenir programme celebrates the many centenaries and anniversaries in bus travel   Find out more.

14 July 2019 - Tavistock for a day out in the late 1960s

Visitors relished the time warp that transformed Tavistock bus station on 14 July into a scene from the late 1960s. Buses and coaches from the era and of the types that operated there, gave rides on original routes through mid-Devon and over Dartmoor. Tavistock’s Mayor kindly launched the VR - the bus of the future - featured in the souvenir programme. Find out more

Royal Blue Run, 20 & 21-23 June 2019

TV&GWOT’s 2019 Royal Blue Run, was an epic re-creation of Royal Blue, Associated Motorways and TrawsCambria services.  Whether you enjoyed it in person or unfortunately missed it, just click here for details or go to our Facebook page for more photos and action footage.  The success is testament to the dedication of the owners of the fine coaches taking part.

Road & rail trips from Didcot on 2 June 2019

Vintage bus trips were enjoyed in and around Didcot on 2 June on former Great Western Road Motors, Thames Valley and City of Oxford routes.  Organised by TV&GWOT in conjunction with the Great Western Society’s Transport Rally, it was a day combining buses, coaches, cars and steam trains.    Find out more.


Easter weekend 2019 in Penzance

Record-breaking numbers of vehicles and passengers turned out in glorious sunshine for the ever-popular CBPS/TV&GWOT Penzance Running Day over Easter weekend.  A very few copies of the souvenir programme remain showcasing changing liveries in the Cornish bus scene.  Find out more


8 December Reading Corporation Motorbus Centenary

Marking 100 years since the first Reading Corporation motor bus operated from Tilehurst to Caversham Heights via central Reading, five vintage buses will offer free rides along the route on Sunday 8th December, including a guest vehicle not seen for some time.   The hub will be at St Mary’s Butts – details of timetabling can be found here with pictures from the civic event on 6 December 2019.  A special publication will be on sale charting the development of the Reading routes and fleet decade by decade. Copies of the book can now be purchased online (in time for Christmas). Find out more.


21 July – Kingsbridge-Salcombe, marking the 110th anniversary

On 21 July 1909 the first GWR Road Motors service connected Salcombe to Kingsbridge and the railway network.  110 years to the day, TV&GWOT will run a vintage bus ‘service’ from Kingsbridge to Salcombe and back in the middle of the day, Sunday 21st July.  Contact us for information about opportunities to travel.  Photo © P Kelley Collection.


14 July - Tavistock for a day out in the late 1960s

TV&GWOT’s mini running day offers a unique opportunity to travel back in time to the late 1960s.  You’ll ride on specially selected buses and coaches from the era and area, on original routes through mid-Devon and over Dartmoor.  You will also be able to ride on the bus of the future and read about its development in the event programme, available now…. Find out more

30 June - Kingsbridge-Dartmouth Centenary Run

This Sunday marks 100 years to the day since the GWR started bus services between Kingsbridge and Dartmouth on 30th June 1919.  Join TV&GWOT on commemorative trips along this spectacular coastal route throughout the day.  Find out more, including how to reserve your seat.

Royal Blue Run, 20 & 21-23 June 2019

Midsummer always brings out vintage coaches for TV&GWOT’s long distance Royal Blue Run but in 2019 there’s a difference.  This year Northern and Welsh extremities of the route network will be reached.  A special feature is the journey down through Wales on Saturday, marking the 40th anniversary of the TrawsCambria service.  An appropriate mix of coaches will delight photographers and innocent bystanders from Birmingham to Cheltenham (going the long way!).  Find out more.

The Road Ahead in 2019

TV&GWOT is pleased to announce a full programme of running days and events for you to enjoy in 2019.  Make a note in your diary to join us for:

Penzance on 21 April

Didcot on 2 June

Royal Blue Run on 21-23 June

Tavistock on 14 July

Kingsbridge on 21 September

Reading Corporation motor bus service centenary – date tbc

Find out more on our Events pages and return for updates through the year


To and fro' is in the shop

To and fro’ TV&GWOT’s Supporters’ magazine, like our event programmes, contains historic photos and articles of lasting interest

In response to demand for back-copies, we have a new online shop.

Click in and browse the To and fro’ index and programme contents before you buy.


Kingsbridge Success

Tremendous work from our Supporters and volunteers resulted in a fitting finale to the Trust’s 2018 events season. A record 6,581 journeys were recorded at Kingsbridge Running Day, with 43 buses operating on 25 routes in glorious weather. Volunteers were treated to a day out on Dartmoor the following day; enjoy the photos on our Facebook page.

Royal Blue Run, 2018

For our 2018 Royal Blue Run some thirteen vintage coaches enjoyed a three-day adventure from London’s Victoria Coach Station to Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and beyond. Find out more about the run and get an insight to the trip from the video posts on our Facebook page

Tavistock in Sunny June

Tavistock on Sunday 24 June was a perfect ‘Day Out in 1968’.  An authentic line-up of vehicles created a nostalgic scene within this fine stannary town.  Some 1,900 passenger journeys were made across the unspoilt scenery of Dartmoor. A few programmes are still available including extensively illustrated histories of local bus operations.  


Thames Valley & Reading Success

Our Thames Valley & Reading Running Day proved to be a great success, with over 4,500 passenger journeys recorded. Thames Valley and Reading Corporation vehicles were joined by those from neighbouring fleets to recreate routes including those of the former Reading Trolleybus network, closed 50 years ago.


An All-time Record

Our 2018 Penzance Running Day resulted in 6763 passenger journeys, a record for our events to date. Thanks go to all our volunteers and to our friends at Cornwall Bus Preservation Society who, working together, brought a huge amount of interest and happiness to South West Cornwall in April.

Planning for Penzance

Get ahead and plan your trips for the Penzance VR Revival & Vintage Bus Running Day on 21st April.  Programmes are now available see more.  The cover is based on the local timetable from 30 years ago and the article shows the changing bus liveries over 110 years and more

Happy Christmas

The team at TV&GWOT would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have enjoyed the count-down in our Facebook advent calendar.  We hope, too that like us, you are looking forward to a Happy New Year and the TV&GWOT events in store.

Will your New Year resolution be to get more involved – we hope so!


Kingsbridge - Saturday 15 September

TV&GWOT’s 2018 event finale is the Running Day in Kingsbridge on 15 September. With new routes including a luxury coach tour to Bigbury-on-Sea for the sea tractor to Burgh Island, there is plenty of variety whether you have come in previous years or this is your first visit. A bumper programme (52 pages) has a special feature on the history of bus and ferry services around the South Hams coast (50+ period images). Cafés, pubs and ice-cream parlours offered by programme advertisers are also mapped out. Programmes are AVAILABLE NOW so you can plan your day.  Find out more

Kingsbridge - Saturday 15 September

TV&GWOT’s 2018 event finale is the Running Day in Kingsbridge on 15 September. With new routes and new vehicles entered, there will be plenty of variety whether you have come in previous years or this is your first visit. A lavishly illustrated programme will have a special features on the history of bus and ferry services around the South Hams coast. Programmes can be ordered in advance so you can plan your day. Find out more

1st July back at Reading Buses

TV&GWOT is supporting the Reading Buses Open Day on Sunday 1st July (11am-4pm). TV&GWOT’s Reading Transport VRT 38 and Reading Corporation AEC Regent 47 will be on display with Sunbeam Trolleybus 181. Freed from the pressures of organising on this occasion, we’ll have time to chat to current or prospective Supporters – why not come along?

Royal Blue Run, 2018

Our 2018 Royal Blue Run will take more than ten vintage coaches on a three-day adventure from London’s Victoria Coach Station to Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and beyond. Find out more, including where you can see the coaches, and follow the live updates on our Facebook page.

Tavistock in Sunny June

Our postponed ‘Day Out in 1968’ goes ahead on Sunday 24 June 2018. Join us to enjoy an authentic line-up of vehicles amidst the unspoilt scenery of Dartmoor and this fine stannary town. Programmes (unchanged from March) are still available to pre-order online.

Thames Valley & Reading Running Day

Fifty years ago trolleybus operations ceased in Reading and the streets were full of motor buses from Reading Corporation, Thames Valley and neighbouring fleets. The same will be true on Sunday 3 June 2018 with the TV&GWOT Running day and vehicle display on Station Hill. Find out more
[photo © Ken Jones]

TV&GWOT & DGOT joint run the 217

On Easter Monday, TV&GWOT Supporters and Members of the Devon General Society ventured together from Exeter to Minehead re-creating Service 217, as jointly operated by WN and DG.  Limited copies of the 24-page publication illustrating the route’s evolution are available here

Tavistock: A New Date

Our planned ‘Day Out in 1968’ had to be postponed due to heavy snow in March. It will now take place in warmer weather on Sunday 24 June 2018. We hope you’ll be able to join us. Programmes (unchanged from March) are available to pre-order online

To and fro’


Our Supporters will soon be receiving the Spring edition of their exclusive quarterly magazine To and fro’, packed with articles, previously unseen photographs and the latest Trust news. Become a Supporter for as little as £24 to subscribe


Plan for Penzance

  Programmes for our Penzance Running Day on 15 April are now available. Pre-order yours online and plan your moves. As well as timetables and vehicle movements, the programme includes a fully illustrated history of Penzance Bus Station, the hub of our event.  

Tavistock: Latest Information

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Devon this weekend. For the latest information on Tavistock Vintage Bus Running Day and how it may be affected, visit our Facebook page.

The Year Ahead

Save the dates of our main events in 2018 and join us for some free vintage bus rides.

As well as our established running days in Penzance and Kingsbridge, we’re looking forward to a special mini running day in Tavistock in March, recreating the town’s bus service from 1968.  Plus, we’re planning a new Thames Valley & Reading running day in June. We also have our annual long distance Royal Blue Coach Run, further details of which we expect to announce soon.

You can now pre-order programmes for our events in Tavistock and Penzance


We’re delighted to have welcomed our 1000th follower on Facebook. If you don’t already follow us, our Facebook page is a great way to keep in touch with our day to day news on restorations, events and future plans. Better still, why not join our Supporters group in 2018 and enjoy all the exclusive benefits for as little as £22/year. Sign up now.

2017: Busy Times
2017 has been the Trust’s busiest year to date, with almost 29,000 free vintage bus rides given at our events and on vehicles representing the Trust elsewhere. We covered nearly 22,000 miles and recorded 301 ‘vehicle days’ on the road. We acquired three very significant vehicles, launched a successful fundraising appeal to enable major work on one of those and progressed restoration on several others. Visit our Workshop Blog to revisit some of the highlights of a busy 2017.
Save the Dates!

We’ve now confirmed dates for our major events in 2018, including Penzance and Kingsbridge running days, our Royal Blue Coach Run, a mini running day in Tavistock and a Thames Valley & Reading running day. Further details of each will be announced in due course, but for now, save the dates listed to the right!

Southern National KSW joins our collection
We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Southern National 1852, the only surviving ‘National’ Bristol KSW, from Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset. Having owned the bus for 27 years, Haynes have selected our Trust as the best new home for 1852 on the strength of our restoration and charitable work to date. Find out more or contribute to 1852’s purchase and restoration.
Missing out on our magazine?
Our Supporters will soon be receiving the latest edition of our magazine, To and Fro’. As well as the latest Trust news, this quarter we reveal the scenic locations of Royal Blue’s legendary publicity photos, we visit Thames Valley’s smallest depot, and we remember the Tilling-Stevens buses and coaches of Western and Southern National. Become a Supporter and receive To and Fro’ for as little as £22/year.
Another Kingsbridge Triumph
Record numbers enjoyed the narrow country lanes and sea-side delights of the South Hams at our 10th Kingsbridge 7’6” Vintage Bus Running Day on Saturday 16th September. 43 buses gave 6,550 free rides on 24 different routes. Take a look at our Workshop Blog for a celebration of the day and all who made it happen.
TV&GWOT appeal for 152

1927 Thames Valley Tilling-Stevens MO 9324 (Fleet No. 152) is now a permanent part of the TV&GWOT Collection enabling some important improvements to be made.  Click here to read about 152 and the Appeal to fund repairs to the gearing and installation of a dynamo and voltage regulation system.  These measures will ensure 152 has an active future giving the public experience of bygone travel.

10th Kingsbridge event – a triumph
Record numbers enjoyed the narrow country lanes and sea-side delights of the South Hams (despite the afternoon rain) at TV&GWOT’s 10th Kingsbridge 7’6” Vintage Bus Running Day on Saturday 16th September. If you missed out but would like a flavour of the day, discounted copies of the programme (complete with historic article and photos) are available – click here for more information. A full report and Blog post will follow shortly.
Photo © Tim Stubbs, 2017

10th Kingsbridge event

Get ready to enjoy the narrow country lanes and sea-side delights of the South Hams at TV&GWOT’s 10th Kingsbridge 7’6” Vintage Bus Running Day on Saturday 16th September.  You can plan the routes and vehicles to ride on by ordering your programme in advance – click here for more information.

Photo © Ken Jones, 2016

Something Big has arrived

TV&GWOT is delighted to announce the acquisition of 1976 Reading Transport VR 38 thanks to the generosity of a TV&GWOT Supporter who owned and undertook this exceptional restoration over many years.  An appeal to fund its ongoing maintenance and use is underway, with options for getting involved from as little as £5 per month.  The first TV&GWOT trip was to Brighton on 7th May where 38 was placed 2nd of the post 1949 passenger vehicles.  Click here to find out more……


Royal Blue 2017



All fifteen vintage coaches successfully completed our long distance run from Northampton to Bournemouth, Exmouth and Windsor. Re-live the highlights through our video and photos on our Workshop Blog.

The sun shone throughout the three day run, resulting in spectacular photographic opportunities for spectators. We’d love to see your photos; please email enquiries@tvagwot.org.uk or post them on our Facebook page if you’d like to share your favourites

Didcot Transport Rally


This year’s Didcot Rally was a great success with vintage bus services running on five routes from Didcot Parkway Station. New routes for 2017 were a circular service to Chilton via Harwell Village and Harwell Campus. The history of AERE Harwell’s staff transport bus fleet was a main feature of this year’s programme and memories and photographs will feed into a future publication.

Supporter rewards  

Supporters who’ve worked to maintain the TV&GWOT collection all year reaped the rewards on the HCVS London-Brighton Run on 7th May and enjoyed another great day out.  Thames Valley 152 won the trophy for best single deck passenger vehicle.  This financial and volunteer support to the Trust is vital for its work to continue.  The Supporters’ year ends on 31st May so NOW is the ideal time to join us or renew your involvement for the 2017-18 year via the Supporters’ page of the website.


A Special Year

Our year of special events and surprises began with our Coach Festival in March, celebrating 85 years of London’s Victoria Coach Station. The 10th Penzance Running Day in April had a record attendance and featured a spectacular tour of the West Cornwall Peninsula on Easter Monday. 2017 also sees our 10th Kingsbridge Running Day in September. Whether you get involved as a volunteer or come along for the ride, expect something special. Entry forms for all our events are available by clicking the links in the listing opposite.

Restoration continues

Supporters have been helping with several of the Trust’s restoration projects at our bases in Berkshire and Devon. The extensive work on our 1929 Royal Blue AEC Reliance continues, with the body frame beginning to take shape. Other advancing restorations include the 1927 Leyland PLSC3 Lion, the 1965 Bristol FLF6B and Southern/Western National 692 (EDV 555D), a 1966 Bristol SUL4A saloon, newly placed on loan to the Trust.

Didcot Transport Rally – 4th June

The major feature of this year’s Didcot Rally will be the vintage bus services running on five routes all starting from Didcot Parkway Station. New routes for 2017 are a circular service to Chilton via Harwell Village and Harwell Campus. The history of AERE Harwell’s staff transport bus fleet is a main feature of this year’s programme.
The other new route for Didcot will be operated by newly restored former Western National No. 2240 Duple 425 E206BOD which proved to be a big attraction at Victoria Coach Station in March. This route is being numbered 500 which was previously the National Express Rapide service operated by 2240 fro’ London to Penzance and will run up the A34 to Abingdon. It will be the first time that 2240 will have been used in service since its restoration to Rapide livery. Full details here.

Penzance Running Day, Easter Sunday

Around thirty vintage buses and coaches will operate free bus services across glorious West Cornwall. Click here to find out what’s coming and where you can go, plus information on feeder services to and from the event. You can also pre-order your event programme to help you make the most of your day. Follow us on Facebook for event updates and live news

Something Big, Coming Soon

We will soon be announcing an exciting new acquisition. All will become clear in To and Fro’ 008, landing shortly on the doorsteps of our Supporters. A sneak preview is also given in our Penzance Running Day programme – order your copy now. As ever, we welcome volunteers to help maintain and resource our vehicles – see our Supporters page for ideas on how you could be involved.


A Special Season

Our year of special events and surprises began with our Coach Festival in March, celebrating 85 years of London’s Victoria Coach Station. 2017 also sees our 10thPenzance and 10th Kingsbridge Running Days. Whether you get involved as a volunteer or come along for the ride, we’ve plans to make both occasions extra special. Entry forms for all our events are available by clicking the links in the listing opposite.


VCS 85th Anniversary Festival – latest update







Victoria Coach Station will be celebrating its 85th birthday with a three-day coach festival from 10th to 12th March.

“Hello...Coastal” Former Coach Station staff and coach crews who operated into VCS will be very welcome throughout the Festival but especially so on the opening day when several have indicated they intend to return to meet old colleagues. A senior TfL representative will open the Festival at just after 11:00 and will be available to answer questions and meet the vehicle owners and former staff.

Featuring vehicles from the 1930s to the newest coaches of today, the festival will also showcase displays on the history of coach travel in England. There will be stalls from current operators, participants and other organisations. Timings for coaches being in place at VCS are:
Friday                 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday            10:00 - 17:00
Sunday               10:00 - 16:00

A new TV&GWOT publication celebrating the VCS coaching history will be available.   – Follow link below for details of how to get your copy.






There will be a special offer for anyone becoming a TV&GWOT Supporter at the VCS event



Over 30 preserved coaches are booked to participate over the three day Festival. Click here for further details including a listing of vehicles expected.
A Special Year Ahead
Join us for a year of special events and surprises as we mark our 10th Penzance and 10th Kingsbridge Running Days. Whether you get involved as a volunteer or come along for the ride, we’ve plans to make both occasions extra special. Keep an eye on our events page and follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

Entry forms now available for all 2017 Running Days!

  Entry forms for next year’s TV&GWOT Vintage Bus Running Days may be downloaded by clicking on the links in the listing opposite.
Look Back With Pride
2016 has been a busy and successful year for the Trust, with 267 vehicle days out, giving almost nineteen thousand free rides. Re-live the year by visiting our Workshop Blog and enjoy the variety of events organised and attended by the Trust. Thanks to all our Supporters who have played a part – perhaps you could join us in 2017?
Winter Restorations

Supporters are helping with several of the Trust’s Winter projects, including the extensive restoration of our 1929 Royal Blue AEC Reliance, the body frame of which is beginning to take shape. Other advancing restorations include the 1927 Leyland PLSC3 Lion, the 1965 Bristol FLF6B and Southern/Western National 692 (EDV 555D), a 1966 Bristol SUL4A saloon, newly placed on loan to the Trust.


VCS 85th Anniversary Festival – Dates!

In March 2017, Victoria Coach Station will be celebrating its 85th birthday with a three-day coach festival from 10th to 12th March. Featuring vehicles from every decade since the grand opening in 1932, the festival will showcase coaches, artefacts and presentations on the history of coach travel in England. There will be stalls from current operators, as well as a number of competitions raising money for TfL’s chosen charity: The Transport Benevolent Fund. Coach entry forms are now available here.

Happy 70th birthday, 446!
Tuesday 20 September marks the 70th Birthday of our Thames Valley Bristol K6A. To celebrate we’d like to gather together as many photos of the bus as possible from its long service career and its many years in preservation. We’ll also be inviting Supporters to join us for a trip to Oxford Festival of Transport in October. Click here for more details
Kingsbridge 2016
Thousands of passengers (and sheep!) turned out to enjoy our free bus services through the South Hams. Enjoy the photos and videos on our blog. Our thanks to all those who helped with the preparations and planning, our volunteer crews, marshalls, our sponsors and vehicle owners.
Royal Blue 2016
Fourteen coaches completed our long distance coach run in June. Take a virtual trip on the run at our blog.
Countdown to Kingsbridge
Our 2016 Kingsbridge Running Day will soon be here, with around forty vintage buses and coaches giving free rides in South Devon. Enjoy our countdown to the big day on Facebook and find out more about the event here.
446 at 70  
Our 1946 Bristol K6A celebrates its 70th Birthday on 20 September 2016. To mark the occasion, we'd like to gather together your photos of 446 from the last 70 years for a special display. Whether in service with Thames Valley, Rossmore (Poole) or during its preservation years, we'd be pleased to see what you have for potential display on our website and in our Supporters' magazine. Please contact davidsheppard@tvagwot.org.uk. View the gallery here.

TV&GWOT Supporters– 2016-17 Renewals

The new TV&GWOT year begins in June so now is the time for existing Supporters to renew their support and help build on the achievements of the past 12 months.  To renew your support click here.
Easter Treats at the SDR
688 passengers enjoyed our network of free bus services at the South Devon Railway over the Easter weekend. Bristol H, SUL, LWL and FLF types could be sampled on three routes, including a new country route to Landscove. Join us again at the SDR for their 1940s weekend on 2-3 July.

Entry Forms for 2016 TV&GWOT events

Use the links opposite to download entry forms for our Kingsbridge Running Day.


New Supporters 2016-17 – special offer
We’ve a special offer for new Supporters who sign up before our first subscription year ends in May. As a bonus, enjoy issues 3 and 4 of our magazine To and Fro’ as well as future issues 5 to 8 and full supporter benefits for the coming TV&GWOT year from June 2016 to May 2017. Find out more.
Supporters' Open Day, Berkshire

New and existing Trust Supporters were invited to an open day at our Berkshire base on Sunday 17 January, to view the work of the Trust and to sample some of the opportunities available. Click here for more information and to enrol as a new Supporter click here. There will be another Supporters’ open day at our South Devon Base during the summer.

A Record Breaking Year 
2015 was a record breaking year for the Trust in all regards. We organised several major events and recorded 20,692 passenger journeys on our free vintage bus services. Many more will have seen and enjoyed our vehicles in action, having covered a total of 19,430 miles during 239 vehicle days on the road. Click here to find out more.
To and Fro', Issue 3 
Issue 3 of To and Fro', our Supporters' quarterly magazine is out now, including features on our Southern National 1927 Leyland PLSC3 Lion, Thames Valley's Bracknell depot, Royal Blue coaching refreshment stops and more. For a limited time, new Supporters will receive a full set of back editions of To and Fro' with their welcome pack. Click here to join our Supporters' group.
Kingsbridge Running Day 2015

Our 2015 Kingsbridge Running Day set new records, with more visitors, more vehicles and more routes than ever before. Read our workshop blog to re-live the day.

Thames Valley 100

Thousands turned out to help us celebrate #TV100 in August, with the largest ever coming together of preserved Thames Valley vehicles. Almost four thousand passengers sampled our free bus services between Reading, Maidenhead and Streatley, and many more enjoyed our display of early motorbuses at Reading station.


Royal Blue Run 2015
Seventeen coaches joined in the June 2015 Royal Blue Run, all returning safely after a round trip of at least 615 miles. Relive the run in photos and film by taking a trip to our blog, and click here to read more about the history of our Royal Blue Coach Runs.
Successful first Didcot Transport Rally

TV&GWOT organised vintage bus services to Didcot Parkway, Chilton and Wantage on former GWR Road Motors routes – details here.


Penzance 2015: A Record Breaker

The sights and sunshine of West Cornwall brought a record number of visitors to our Penzance Running Day on 19 April. We recorded 4,826 passenger journeys, with 26 vehicles in service. Click here to relive the day.

446 Supporters' Inaugural Run
Our 1946 Bristol K6A revisited its former bases across the Thames Valley in March, during a special tour for those who enabled the Trust to secure the bus last year. Click here to read more about 446.

TV&GWOT now wishes to recruit two specialist apprentices to help develop and maintain the vehicle collection. Both on the job training and tuition within a specialist technical academy are components of the scheme. For more information click here.


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