2018 was 50 years since the last Trolleybus ran in Reading and passengers became reliant on motor buses. TV&GWOT’s Thames Valley & Reading Running Day marked the anniversary with former local buses from across the decades travelling on town and country routes. Destinations included Risely, Whitley Wood, Peppard Common, Tilehurst and Maidenhead so that a number followed, as closely as possible, former Trolleybus routes. A combination of long and short routes enabled passengers to enjoy the countryside or experience a number of different vehicles through the course of the day.  

Free vintage bus services operated from 10am to approximately 5pm from the South West Interchange at Reading Station which is on the site of the terminus used by Thames Valley buses and adjacent to the site of the former Reading Bus Station.  There was also a small static display.

A feeder service operated from Maidenhead (Bridge Avenue) to Reading (Station Hill), departing from Maidenhead at 08:55, arriving 09:40 ahead of the first running day services.  The final return to Maidenhead departed Reading at 17:00.

An additional feeder service operated from Alton (Station yard) via Hook (Station Road) to Reading (Station Hill).  Departure from Alton was 09:00, Hook 09:20, arriving Reading 09:45.  The return to Alton (via Hook) departed Reading at 17:10.

An event programme gave details of the routes, timetables and vehicles operating.  It also contains specially commissioned illustrated articles summarising the Trolleybus era in Reading to 1968, the Thames Valley fleet and operations at that time, and the view of an independent coach operator, Horseman’s, developing their services from the 1970s through to the present day.


Bridge Avenue, Maidenhead on 2 August 2015 with buses set to depart for Reading. Feeders will depart at 08:55 on 3 June 2018. [© Ken Jones]





While stocks remain current programmes and past programmes (at discounted prices) are available to purchase.


Thames Valley 100 – 2 August 2015

You can read about TV&GWOT’s previous event in Reading in 2015 marking the Centenary of the start of BAT (Thames Valley Traction) motor bus services here.  The page includes a YouTube video link giving a flavour of the interesting and varied vehicles that took part.

Participating Vehicles


TV&GWOT’s TV100 event in Reading on 2 August 2015 sees a Reading Corporation AEC Regent III passing Thames Valley Bristol KSW, both of which will be back in service on 3 June 2018. [© Ken Jones]


  Vehicles attending were as follows (those marked * on static display only):  
Reg Chassis / Body Operator Year
RD 7127 * AEC Regent (O661) / Park Royal Reading Corporation 1935
DBL 154 Bristol K6A / ECW Thames Valley 1946
HWV 294 Bristol KSW / ECW Wilts & Dorset 1952
JRX 823 Bristol KSW 6B / ECW Thames Valley 1955
LOU 48 Dennis Lance K4 / East Lancs Aldershot & District 1954
LDP 945 AEC  Regent III / Park Royal Reading Transport 1955
MRD 147 AEC  Regent III / Park Royal Reading Transport 1956
724 XUW  Leyland PDR OT / Weymann Devon General 1962
859 DYE AEC Routemaster / Park Royal Reading Mainline 1964
CUV 208C AEC Routemaster / Park Royal LT Shillibeer 1966
GRX 140D Bristol FLF / ECW Thames Valley 1966
GRD 576D Dennis Loline III / East Lancs Reading Transport 1966
NUD 105L  Bristol VRT / ECW City of Oxford Motor Services 1972
NDP 38R Bristol  VRTLL / Northern Counties Reading Transport 1976
MO 9324 * Tilling Stevens / Brush Thames Valley 1927
YF 714 * Guy FBB / Vickers GWR Motors 1927
LSU 857 Bedford OB / Mulliner Jersey Motor Transport 1947
EMW 284 Bristol L6B / Beadle Wilts & Dorset 1947
GFM 882  Bristol L / ECW Thames Valley 1949
FMO 938 Bristol LL / ECW Thames Valley 1950
MOD 973 Bristol LS / ECW Royal Blue 1952
GJB 254 Bristol LWL-6B / ECW Thames Valley 1952
837 SUO Bristol RELH / ECW Royal Blue 1964
OAX 9F Bristol RELH / ECW Red&White 1968
OTA 632G Bristol RELH / ECW Royal Blue 1969
VMO 234H Bristol LH / ECW Thames Valley 1969
KPA 369P Leyland National / Integral Alder Valley 1975
NPJ 472R Leyland National / Integral Alder Valley 1976
E206 BOD Duple 425 / Integral Western National 1988
Reading General Station forecout full of Thames Valley buses in the 1960s. The scene has changed and the area is now pedestrianised but the running day on 3 June 2018 will be centred on Station Hill and the new event area just below the station. There will, however, be a significant number of former Thames Valley vehicles in service. [David Sheppard Collection]   Former Thames Valley Bristol L and LL-type buses on the service to Streatley operated during TV100 in 2015. Different routes are featured on 3 June 2018 but both buses are expected to re-appear. [© Janet Hurst]   A view outside Reading station in Spring 1968 shows two coaches used on the Rail-Air Link service to Heathrow and a Thames Valley FLF. [David Sheppard Collection]

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