We currently have nine vehicles in our care, spanning an operational period of fifty years, between 1927 and 1977.  
  We also have the use of a significant number of vehicles from private collections which, together with an extensive archive and museum facility, enable us to offer a comprehensive education in the evolution of road transport through the twentieth century.

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  1927 Guy FBB Bus

Great Western Road Motors 1268 (YF 714)

  1927 Leyland Lion Bus

National Omnibus & Transport Company 2407 (VW 203)

  1927 Tilling Stevens B9A

Thames Valley Traction Company 152 (MO 9324)

  1929 AEC Reliance Coach

Royal Blue (Western National Omnibus Company) (RU 8805)

  1941 Bristol K5G Bus

Western National Omnibus Company 345 (FTA 634)

  1946 Bristol K6A Bus

Thames Valley Traction Company 446 (DBL 154)

  1948 Leyland PD1A Bus

Southern National Omnibus Company 2932 (JUO 992)

  1953 Bristol KSW6B

Southern National 1852 (LTA 995)

  1957 AEC Regent III Bus

Reading Corporation Transport 4 (MRD 147)

  1965 Bristol FLF6B Bus

Western National Omnibus Company 2065 (BOD 25C)

  1966 Dennis Loline III Bus

Reading Corporation Transport 76 (GRD 576D)

  1966 Bristol SUL4A Bus

Southern National 692 (EDV 555D)

  1976 Bristol VRT/LL3/6LXB

Reading Borough Transport 38 (NDP 38R)

  Our Archive - An extensive collection of documents and hardware which tell the story of passenger transport "fro' Paddington to Penzance."  

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