Thames Valley 446 (DBL 154)  
Our 1946 Bristol K6A is the Trust’s flagship Thames Valley vehicle.

After more than a quarter of a century in service and then 43 years in private preservation, it was acquired by the Trust in 2014 following a public appeal to secure its future in the Thames Valley.

Click here for a full profile of 446, as featured in our Supporters’ magazine, “To and Fro’”.

446's 70th Birthday

Tuesday 20 September 2016 marks precisely seventy years since 446 was first registered. We're counting this as its official 70th Birthday.

We'd like to celebrate the bus’s rich history by collecting together as many photographs of it as we can for display and archive purposes. A gallery is now beginning to grow below and it is hoped that, with your contributions, this will soon flourish into an extensive collection charting 446's first seventy years.

Please submit your photographs of 446 by email, post of via our Facebook page.

We'll also be celebrating 446's coming of age by taking it along to Oxford Festival of Vintage Transport on 2 October. New and existing Trust Supporters are invited to join us - sign up as a new Trust Supporter and email us for details if you'd like to attend.


A Growing Gallery from the first 70 years
Showbus, Woburn Abbey 02 September 1984 Southsea 08 June 1986 Southsea 09 June 2002
(C) Nick Spencer (C) Nick Spencer (C) Nick Spencer
Netley 10 July 1988 Duxford 25 October 1992 Crowthorne 23 June 1996
(C) Colin Billington (C) Colin Billington (C) Colin Billington
with JRX 803 at Newbury 21 February 1963 with Rossmore at Sandbanks With Rossmore
(C) David Sheppard Collection (C) David Sheppard Collection (C) David Sheppard Collection
with Rossmore  Bath 1970s Newbury
(C) David Sheppard Collection  (C) Dave Withers  Robert F Mack

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